TouchWood-74 Key-Chains, Necklaces & Staff’s are Crafted from 100% Great Canadian Timber available.
All of the TouchWood 74 products are made from renewable resources and do not hurt our environment.
The discs used for our round Vrs. keychains are hand selected and sanded until smooth and soft to the touch.
Once this is achieved we move on to the lacquering process in which each disk is coated 3 times.
The first coat is used as a sealing process and the 2 consecutive coats give the discs our signature high gloss finish. We use a marine lacquer so as to protect against minor scratches, water, and UV damage. The rings & chains are nickel and brass plated to protect against the elements as well.

All Touchwood 74 brands are customizable by having a name, funny saying, birth date, Company Logo etc. etched or silkscreened onto the round wooden disks, the side of the Long Vrs. keychain, or on the sides of the walking Staffs. We use two types of Genuine Black or Brown leather cords for the TouchWood 74 necklaces. There is also a great selection of the paracord colors, eight in all. Several of our staff and even board members Luv and use our own products so much that they still have several of their own Keychains still in use since the opening of the Co. which was in early 2005. Not one of the TouchWood 74 pieces the staff have, has ever been resurfaced or fixed in any way. All of our TouchWood 74 brands are crafted to stand the test of time.

Bring Nature on Your Travels TouchWood-74 will help You !

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